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Zoos Post Hilarious Animal Reviews On Twitter And It's Too Cute

Zoos Post Hilarious Animal Reviews On Twitter And It’s Too Cute

You should never buy something without reading the reviews first.

After all, how else would you know that the product is what it says it is. So rather than wasting your own hard-earned money, you can read reviews by people who have already bought and used the product.

Now you might be thinking ‘What do reviews have to do with animals?’ Well, one zoo thought that it was necessary. It may sound like a dumb idea, but I assure you that it will be the most hilarious thing you have ever seen.

The Oregon Zoo posted light-hearted reviews on Twitter, and it has since gone viral. And to make it even more over the top, many people joined in to rate their own pets. So scroll on below and take a look as to what animal got a five star.

#1 So it is basically a Samsung?

#2 Maybe wash off all the pile?

#3 He is just lazy.

#4 So you got all three in one animal. Isn’t that so much better?

#5 Even better than the Beats headphone.

#6 I really want a puggle now.

#7 Eyeliner is on fleek.

#8 I would never turn away the ‘extra fluff.’

#9 Brown is the new black.

#10 Projectile vomiting? That’s a big no for me.

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