Artist Revamps The Zodiacs As Goddesses With A Hidden Meaning Behind Them & The Results Are Amazing

Do you believe in the astrology signs?

On the second thought, it really doesn’t matter. Because the following illustrations are not really about the signs but the beautiful art. This is something that you’ve likely never seen before.

From Gemini’s dual personality to Pisces’ fishes, she really did represent each and every sign perfectly. While not many astrologers will agree with her representations, at the end of the day, it’s all about the art.

The person behind these 12 pieces of gorgeous art is Emilee Petersmark and following is what she had to say about her art.

Honestly, prior to this project I was pretty unfamiliar with the zodiac. I’d low key follow my own horoscope but that’s about it.

The band who commissioned me, The Accidentals, have been friends of mine for years, and I was really excited for the chance to help support them. It was a big undertaking but I felt like it was an important opportunity for me to grow as a professional artist – I would sporadically take commissions here and there but never any long-term projects like this.

Both The Accidentals and I were touring over the past year (I’m also in a band called the Crane Wives, which is my main source of income) it was tricky to make time to sit and create visual art from the road.

It’s been really cool to research each sign – some people connect with their sign on such a deeply personal level. It’s fascinating to dig deeper to see all the facets that those people identify with. As an artist this project gave me a LOT of opportunities to practice and become more efficient at my craft. This was an amazing, occasionally exhausting, and satisfying experience.


Source: theaccidentalsmusic.com | Instagram

#1 Aries.

#2 Taurus.

#3 Gemini.

#4 Cancer.

#5 Leo.

#6 Virgo.

#7 Libra.

#8 Scorpio.

#9 Sagittarius.

#10 Capricorn.

#11 Aquarius.

#12 Pisces.

This is Emilee, The amazing artist behind these illustrations.

And people loved it despite some flaws.

Many could relate perfectly to their representations.

While some thought that she didn’t do their sign justice.

Was she able to represent your sign perfectly or did she miss something? Comment down below and let us know.

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