An Amazing Makeup Artist Creates A Unique Look For Each And Every Zodiac Sign

Some might believe in the zodiac signs, but we can all agree, that every one of us at least understands the concept of zodiac signs. However, all of us have checked our horoscope for the month or a year at least once in our life, though we may not want to admit it. Moving on.

A very talented makeup artist Setareh who goes by the username starlit_makeup on Instagram has created 12 makeup looks, each very distinct and unique from the other to represent every zodiac sign. Everyone might not be a fan of the signs, but everyone is sure to love these unique looks. I know I love them.


1. Sagittarius

Via Setareh Hosseini

This look perfectly represents the earthy and outdoorsy nature of Sagittariuses.


2. Scorpio

Via Setareh Hosseini

This ultimately shows the passion and determination of Scorpios. Love the hair; they look just like a Scorpio tail.


3. Leo

Via Setareh Hosseini

Okay so this might be a bit of a literal representation as Leo’s sign is a lion.

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