We Tell You Which Kardashian Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

For all you Kardashian fans out there; this is your day!

Do you have a never-ending craving for the Kardashians? Their fashion sense? Their looks? Oh what am I asking; of course you do! And what about the Jenners? Do you think you have the perfect trait that could be matched with anyone from this family? Well, if you can’t be from them, at least you can be like one of them.

If you believe in zodiac signs or follow them every once in a while, for guidance or other stuff, of course, you could try these to judge which personality matches yours.

Yes, it’s your lucky day people! We know how much you look up to the Kardashian family and we have got just the right thing for you today. Almost every member has been given a sign. You just have to find yours!

1. Capricorn – Kourtney.

Calling out all the Capricorns! Your month is here. Although you’re pretty stubborn, you tend to be family focused. Just like the oldest of the Kardashians, Kourtney; you’re pragmatic, responsible and self-contained. Nature of Capricorns somehow falls in the category of seriousness. That’s not actually unacceptable as our girl Kourt here proves that you guys are workaholics to the core and of course sincere to your professions. This could take you to the heights you never dreamt of!

2. Aquarius – Khloé.

As Aquarians try to be alone for a while to let them gear up and not lose themselves, they are also introvert and shy at the same time. This is a good thing, because if you look at the bright side; you’re totally original with a heart of gold! Like Khloé, you give the sincerest opinion on any matter and can put a smile on peoples’ faces just like that! Strange yet one hell of a leader you are.

3. Pisces – Kendall Jenner.

A Pisces is forever ready to help others in need, they always like to live in repose and calm situations. They are totally selfless and they forgive people in no time without holding any grudges against them. They tend to stay out of trouble. Kendall Jenner has these traits and has a more sensitive personality.

4. Aries – Kim.

Hey, you. Yes you! All the Aries out there, You’ll definitely be happy about this. Kim Kardashian? Oh yeah, baby! Finally. Confident, dynamic and ambitious; you people love to be the first in everything, you put plans into action and you do it with style. A tiny bit of OCD? No problem.  Sometimes the energy of the sign makes them hard to be around, but they’re actually the most down-to-earth, loyal friends you’ll ever have.

5. Taurus – Rob.

Taurus tend to have a less dramatic life and keep their personal life as private as possible. They are notoriously stubborn yet reliable and devoted. Mr. Rob Kardashian is the perfect fir for this sign. Taurus babies don’t let anything stand in the way of their dreams and they believe that determination is the key to success.

6. Gemini – Scott Disick.

If you’re a Gemini, you might be able to see yourself in Scott’s actions. As sarcastic and hilarious he is, we all know there is more to him. Every Gemini is known to have two sides – a dual personality, you can say. While one is completely witty and independent, the other side shows how deeply caring and emotional they can be. They represent opposites. Both expressive and intelligent while being contained and hard to get to know.

7. Cancer – Kriss.

Cancers are by far the most kind-hearted and devoted people. You are as sweet as any sweet can be. Your willingness to help others and your devotion to your family is what pairs you up with Kriss Jenner-as he is the backbone that holds together the group, whether it’s family or friends. You people have a knack for being unable to blend into the world around you, even if you don’t feel like you are anything special.

8. Leo – Kanye West.

Lion; a natural-born leader. Although they a have a bit of a mouth, they’re not afraid to say what they feel and they won’t let anyone stand in their way. If you’re a Leo, you’re the lucky lion that gets to be like Kanye. His fierce mane is enough to make you roar with creativity and passion!

9. Virgo – Brody Jenner.

As a Virgo, we can surely assume that you pay close attention to how you train, what you eat and how you keep the rest of your life balanced. This detailed mind and tender soul is also found in Brody. You stay true to yourself despite all odds, that’s a real Virgo trait! Brody is not the one to grasp greedily at centre stage as neither we nor his family sees much of him. And ironically that’s a trait all you Virgos inherit; you prefer to stay out of the limelight.

10. Libra – North.

How could you possibly assume that baby North wouldn’t make it to this list? Just look at that adorable little face! This baby balances the family zodiac in the same way she balances the family out perfectly. She brings stability and normalcy to this clan. In short, she completes them. You are quite a lucky sign if you are Libra!

11. Scorpio – Kylie Jenner.

Presenting to you the hottest cat on the walk; Kylie Jenner, ladies and gentlemen. Poised and ready for anything, your sign contains traits of a natural-born entrepreneur. You work hard enough to deserve all eyes on you! You stop at nothing when it comes to success and none of it would be possible without your commitment, motivation and determination, all Scorpio traits of course.

12. Sagittarius – Caitlyn Jenner.

Bold, dynamic and interested to be involved in the world; yes, we’re talking about you Sagittarius, but also about Caitlyn Jenner. As an ex-Olympian, Caitlyn stays on the top of her game; she never lets her dreams go unachieved. You tend to pay close attention to your goals and lucky for the Sagittarius born, you have the motivation and power to achieve them. Only Caitlyn could possess the complexity of this sign.

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