Zayn Malik Shaved His Head Completely Bald & Internet Is Freaking Out

Artists always try hard to inspire us with their mind blowing creativity.

Like their unique and creative art, often their characteristic appearances can either be a great source of inspiration or render us complete dumbstruck.

Recently the former member of One Direction and leading British singer Zayn Malik has gone as far as complete bald to surprise his huge fan base.

The artist’s mother Trisha Malik posted a picture of herself posing with a completely bald Zayn with his girl friend Gigi Hadid.

The picture shook the internet to its core.

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Malik’s fans are freaking out. All kinds of reactions came flooding in every possible language.

The shock is too sudden to believe.

For some Zayn’s shining head is a beacon of hope.

Some are just super dumbstruck.



Was going bald a genius move to look like Mega Mind?

Or was it a cute move to look like Charlie Brown?


Some fans are just too sad to function properly.

“You guys asked for it and you had it coming already.”


And for some fans, there is nothing but pure love for their music idol.

Amen to such a pure heart as Linn’s.

Find a person who would love you even when your barber makes you look like Dr. Evil by accident.

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