Why Yzma Would Be The Best Disney Princess

The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the funniest and most underrated Disney movies.

It’s got comedy, it’s got action, it’s got David Spade as a talking llama, what more do you want?

It also has one of the best villains Disney has ever created – Yzma, the wrinkly old woman who, with the help of her dorky sidekick Kronk, wants to rule the empire with her strange collection of animal potions and her love for purple (that woman has some serious style).

Yes, Yzma is the greatest.

So great in fact, that she cannot be contained to just one movie. Here, Tumblr user charamath has imagined her as several other characters both from the worlds of animation and live action. In her fabulous pictures, Yzma crops up as Princess Bubblegum, Elsa from Frozen, Leia from Star Wars and even as Jack from Titanic! Take a look through these great works of art – just don’t pull that lever!

#1 Alice In Wonderland

#2 Rose from Titanic

#3 Tinkerbell

#4 Charlotte

#5 Simba

#6 Sailor Moon

#7 Kylo Ren

#8 Pocahontas

#9 Princess Peach

#10 Princess Mononoke

#11 Minnie Mouse

#12 Merideth

#13 Megara

#14 Lilo And Stitch

#15 Princess Leia

#16 Princess Jasmine

#17 Jane

#18 Esmeralda

#19 Elsa

#20 Daenerys

#21 Cinderella

#22 Princess Bubblegum

#23 Beast and the Beast.

#24 Ariel


All of these were made by the talented charamath.tumblr.com/

Go check them out.

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