10+ Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Only If Your Ex Is A Bag Of Trash

We’ve all got a crazy ex and sharing stories about how batsh*t crazy they were is one of life’s greatest joys. Chances are if you’ve dated, you’ve been through the same bullsh*t. It’s like falling up a series of ascending escalators in a struggling department store. And even though the relationships are toxic to great lengths, the stupid charismatic charm about him is what reels you in.

However, most of us learn from these relationships. Even though the only thing you probably learned is that his mother should’ve swallowed the load when she had the opportunity to. This being said, broken relationships allow us to shape our expectations, desires, and boundaries for our future partners. So, let’s all be grateful for coming across those bags of trash one last time!

1. Is that you, Satan?


2. Never forget.

3. How about you drop dead?

4. Garbage!

5. You’re a piece of sh*t.


6. Hoe Depot.

7. I don’t have any spare change, I’m sorry.

8. Pale Chub.

9. Very Inconvenient.

10. Cunt Down!

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