Wrong Number Text Turned Into A Crazy Story Of Cheating & Incest, And Things Escalated Quickly

This is wildly disturbing.

Have you ever imagined getting out of a bar completely wasted and someone says something completely out of the way to you on your face or texts you without even knowing you? How would you react? If you receive a text from an unknown number, you might think that it’s from that new friend you made or someone with an emergency, but sometimes it’s from a creepy person who got your number by chance, and now you are in trouble.

Similarly, twitter user @StrickJackson shared this weird conversation he had with this girl via texts.

Out of nowhere, he received this strange message from the girl who said that someone had been making out with her boyfriend”Trevor” while she was away. And says that she wouldn’t tolerate it. What a bitch!


Apparently, her boyfriend gave her the number of his cousin, Michelle. She is now furious because he gave her the wrong number. Obviously.


Getting a good response from this guy, she kind of wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with him to make him feel jealous.


But others have their priorities, and if you offend them, they know how to hit you back.


Guess people are just THAT jobless.

How’d you know?

How rude.

Hey, that’s not fair!

LOL does it now?

Umm. Maybe he just saved it afterward…?

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