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Guy Asks If He's Wrong For Taking His Beers Back From A Party He Wasn't Invited To

Guy Asks If He’s Wrong For Taking His Beers Back From A Party He Wasn’t Invited To

It’s never fun not to be invited to a party.

Especially if it’s your friends who are throwing the party and purposely not including you in the celebration. However, it is even worse when the only reason they invited you in the first place is that you are of legal age and that means you can buy alcohol for them.

While I have never been in this position since I was always the youngest in my friend’s group. I can imagine that it would hurt a lot. And this guy definitely knows the pain. You see he got a message from his long time crush presumably inviting him to a party. At least that is what he thought.

Scroll on below and take a look at what happened next.

Source: Reddit

Not much of an age difference here.

I would never trust this girl.

If you have rejected someone. It is never kind of you to contact them again. It’s just hurtful especially if you just want to use them again.

I bet it was hard to hide that disappointment.

A big red flag since she didn’t say anything.

What a big a**hole do you have to be to use someone like that? I’m honestly appalled at this girl’s actions.

She must have thought that you would be too embarrassed to say anything.

I haven’t read the comments yet but I’d wager absolutely not.

If you know Reddit, they sure love to voice their opinion about anything and everything. Such is the case here as well.

The Snapchat idea is gold.

And the original poster agrees.

So who knows we might be getting a video of Budweiser being poured down the toilet pretty soon.

Exactly, He wouldn’t have had any fun there.

If only there were cameras there.

That sounds like something she would do, to be honest.

I can certainly see that nobody likes Budweiser so most of the comments are hating on the brand of beer.

While others are giving recipes to make good use of all beer.

At the end of the day, at least those j*rks didn’t get free beer.

What do you think of this story? Has something similar to this ever happened to you? Don’t be embarrassed to share in the comments below. We won’t tell anyone.

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