Guy On Reddit Asks If He’s Bad Person For Disowning His Sister For Marrying His Bully

Bullying is unacceptable

If it doesn’t matter who the person is, how old that person is, or what the situation is, under no circumstances is bullying ever okay. According to the stats, roughly one out of every five students have reported bullying at least one time. There are so many different ways in which people are bullied every day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some big kid at school who shoves you into the locker and steals your lunch money; it can be in the form of mockery; verbal abuse; assault; blackmailing; harassing or even over the internet(cyberbullying) and much more. However, it’s condemn-able in all forms. Not to mention, studies have clearly shown how bullying is strongly linked with high suicide rates.

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Though it’s a sensitive matter; we continue to see such incidents almost every day. However, not every bully-related story on the internet is a bad one. Sometimes, we see people punishing their children for bullying others, and sometimes we see people standing up for themselves in the face of all the bullies/harassers. Recently, a similar incident caught everyone’s attention when a guy took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for disowning his sister after she married his childhood bully. It might seem as if there’s a lot to go through before one can come to such a conclusion, but after reading this guy’s story, you will think differently. Read it below:

Here’s what the guy asked on AmItheAsshole.

That’s not even the worst part.

Parents didn’t cooperate either.

So, was he an as*hole for disowning his sister? Let’s see.

Exactly my point.

I second that.

If no one can see the problem with that, then he’s completely right on his part.

Sometimes the only path to a peaceful and happy life is to get rid of the negative people even if it’s painful.

Well said!

Would you ever date someone who once assaulted your brother or sister? Let us know in the comments below.

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