10+ People Shared The Worst Wedding Guest Stories That’ll Make You Cringe Really Hard

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest event of our lives.

However, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. Some just end up getting wrecked, which might be hilarious to read on the internet but not so fun to experience if it’s your own wedding.

Here are some of the worst wedding guest stories that’ll make you cringe right away:

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#1 That weird couple.

At our wedding, we had invited a couple we barely knew at that time. Well, the woman in that relationship got a little bit too drunk. After the ceremony, I am walking around greeting guests and she pulled me aside to the side of the venue and tried to make out with me.

After I ever so gracefully just swatted her off and went about my way and as the night is wrapping up, me and my husband are heading to our hotel. There she was just waiting to ask both of us in front of her boyfriend “Wheres your hotel?! I want to join!”

We just gave her some random hotel and room number and her boyfriend mouthed “I’m so sorry” as we left.


#2 Getting drunk is always the best idea. No?

When I married my husband 4 years ago, my mother decided she wanted to change everything. She called the florist pretending to be me, changed the size of her bouquet so it was substantially larger than mine and changed the colors of the flowers. I didn’t know this until I saw her prancing herself down the aisle.

But before all that, let me start with, she showed up late and drunk.

She then proceeded to fight because she wanted more pictures taken of her before I walked down the aisle. Then she also decided it would be most appropriate to wear a negligee (see-through nightgown). So we are already late to my wedding, wearing bedtime clothes walking down the aisle, drunk and with a giant bouquet of random color flowers. At the reception, we learned she changed my cake topper out for her own when she got married, which she smuggled in inside a shoe box. Then at the end of the night, she was so drunk she got mad we didn’t want her coming with us when we wanted to leave the party and go to our room.

She was obviously the greatest wedding guest ever. At least we can laugh about it now.


#3 This is why you need to be careful of who you’re inviting.

The guest was my husband’s high school football teammate. I married young, not a lot of money so we got married in my parent’s backyard. It was still pretty nice, groom and best man in tuxes and I wore a wedding dress.

We had already delayed the wedding an hour due to weather so this guest (and his plus one) were late. They came busting through the back gate like the Kool-Aid man during the start of the wedding march. I ask for us to start again so they can grab a seat.

Wedding goes off fine despite the fact they both looked like they hadn’t slept or showered. Smelled like ass and alcohol. I play nice and make no comments. My bridesmaid and other guests come up to me asking who the “whore in the cheap Rave dress” is. I have no clue.

I was ok until my husband’s friend asks him (with me in earshot) where he was the night before, he couldn’t find him, etc. Then he proceeds to introduce his plus one as my husband’s wedding present. She was a stripper. Not a classy or pretty one. A cheap, nasty, probably cooks meth in her trailer stripper. I was done and asked my husband to show them out.

#4 Damn you, Jim.

We had a relatively small wedding, just 100 people, including a whole bunch of my family visiting from the other side of the country. My husband’s groomsman, “Jim”, decided to get drunk. Whatever, no big deal, we all were a little sozzed. Jim, however, decided to get fall over, sloberknockered drunk, and on the bus ride from our wedding venue to the hotel, puked out the open bus window. We were on a large highway. His vomit traveled down the side of the bus and directly into the open window of my 80 year old grandmother and aunt visiting from the other side of the country. We don’t speak to Jim any more.



At my wedding, a “friend” of my husband’s family informed me that if her daughter was older, my husband would have married her. 26 years later, I recently found a sent text to that daughter on my husband’s cell phone that read “I miss you, too. I will try to call you later today.” I still haven’t decided what to do.

#6 Smashing cheesecake in people’s faces.

My worst wedding guest was my SIL (husbands brothers wife) She got so shitfaced (like usual) she threw candy at me during the speeches, slapped two groomsmen in the face, smashed cheesecake into my husband’s eyes and grinded with her cousin during the mother/son dance. I was asked multiple times that night by family and friends what the hell was wrong with her… I just told them she was an alcoholic. It was humiliating. Almost 6 years later and we still haven’t spoken.


#7 Funeral wedding

I knew my marriage was doomed before the wedding was even over. My mother-in-law cried when we told her about our engagement. She refused to talk about any and all wedding plans through the entire engagement. On the day of our wedding, she showed up dressed all in black as if she were attending a funeral, and proceeded to sit in the front row and sob uncontrollably throughout the entire ceremony. The marriage didn’t last. We’ve been divorced for two years now.

#8 Maid of honor-zilla.

You’ve heard of bridezillas, well I had a “maid of honor-zilla.”

She planned this really nice bridal shower for me which was great, but she was so controlling with the itinerary for everything and at the end of the shower, she actually told my guests that it was over and that they could leave now. I had family who drove a couple of hours for this, so they felt awkward when they were basically kicked out.

I learned later that she only made such a big deal about my bridal shower because she expected me to do the same thing for her when it was time for her to get married. Not because she was being nice.

When I was dress shopping with my MOH, I had told her my idea for the bridesmaid dresses. I had picked out a different style in the same color for each girl, and picked my favorite style for her. She told me she didn’t like it, so I ended up changing my entire bridesmaid dress plan around her all because she didn’t like my choice for her. And I was the bride.

On my wedding day before the ceremony, we were taking pictures. It was time for pictures with the entire bridal party and the photographer had asked my maid of honor to please carry the train of my dress while we moved locations. She rolled her eyes and responded with a sarcastic “gosh, I have to do EVERYTHING today.” Instead of making a remark about how she’s the maid of honor and how that’s a typical thing a MOH would help with, I took the high road and just told her that I appreciated her help.

The ceremony was just about to start when my MOH looked out at our guests in the church pews and she said to me’ “wow it doesn’t look that full out there.” REALLY?! I almost lost it.

Several other dramatic events took place after the wedding, and needless to say, we are no longer friends. I learned a couple years later that she had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, then two weeks before they were supposed to get married, he dumped her. Karma’s a B!


#9 Uninvited?

We had about two hundred of them.

We mailed 125 invitations and received RSVPs for approx. 200 guests.

When I arrived in the sanctuary to walk down the aisle, I saw at least twice that many people.

There were countless people who came through the receiving line afterward who said either “We heard you all were getting married”, “We decided to stay after the morning service”, etc.

The only “plus” was that the receiving line was so long, the majority of people got tired of waiting and left before we had to figure out how to feed them!


#10 Everything went wrong.

So this wedding we went to was a mess before it even started. Some highlights:

Bride was 45 minutes late

Bride and groom had a fight at the alter and at the sweetheart table.

Bride was so drunk she laid on the dance floor and told people to dance around her.

Groom left early and before the bride.

But the best was the aunt of the groom, all night they had been playing Phil Collins. The song Gangnam Style came on and the groom started doing the dance at the point where he jigs his hips his aunt ran across the dance floor pushed him off the dance floor and yelled “no one wants to see that stop the music now,” as that happened the Bride walked on the dance floor and puked in the middle. They are still married.

WWGAB (worst wedding guest and bride).

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