You Don’t See the Worst Days of Their Illness Because They Hide Them From You

Illness is debilitating.

When we think of people being sick, we imagine being bedridden for a few days with nasty coughs and horrible vomiting. And while that does happen, that’s not all of it. There are some people that have chronic illnesses, things that last forever. There is no “When it gets better” for them.

We don’t see the drugs they have to take just so that they can function properly. We don’t see the medicine, the therapy, the chemicals they ingest just so that they can look how we perceive as normal.

A lot of people say they understand, but that’s not completely true.

They sympathise with chronic illnesses. They don’t empathise. And therein lies the difference. Recently, Rachel Allison, a writer on TheMighty, wrote about her struggle with chronic illness, and it’s eyeopening.

She then talks about the constant pain and agony she goes through on a daily basis.

All the things we don’t see, but things that exist. Things that her mother and her husband have seen and stuck by loyally. But they’re parts of her life that we do not know.

You’ve never seen me pass out, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You’ve never seen me out of breath from taking a shower, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You’ve likely never watched my hands shake or my face turn grey as I gasp for air just from standing. You don’t see these things because I hide on those days. But I promise you that those days exist.

Allison reiterates that no one knows what her worst days are like.

We only see a fraction of their day through an internet filter. We know nothing of the brutal lifestyle she has to accept and live through because there is simply no other alternative.

All she’s doing is trying to fit in the world. Just like all of us.

You can read the original article over at TheMighty.


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