People Share The Worst Cases Of Bad Parenting That They Have Ever Seen

Not everyone is a good parent.

I mean that much is apparent. But some people should probably not have kids, and yet they go and do it anyway. However, it never ends up being a good decision for them or their kids.

So following are some of the instances where people witnessed bad parenting in its worst form and yet they couldn’t do anything about it sadly. We can only hope that kids don’t grow up to be as messed as their parents.

#1 Drunk.

Lady I knew drank her entire pregnancy, her excuse was it’s cool because it was just “hard sparkling water” she’d always down whole bottles of wine to herself.

She then brought the baby to a outdoor cookout when it was about 4 days old, got drunk and drove herself, her newborn, and her other daughter home. I fucking hate her so much.


#2 Crash.

I’ve been a city firefighter for 20 years next month, and much of that time has been spent working in a district that is extremely low income and high crime, so unfortunately I have seen a lot of children being raised in horrible conditions (especially these last 5 years with the assault of the heroin epidemic that is currently plaguing us).

But the run that immediately came to mind happened about 10 years ago and wasn’t drug related, but was simply horrible decision making by a parent.

It was summer, late afternoon, and we were sent for a “person struck by a vehicle”. When we arrived, the patient, a 24ish year old male, was on the ground in the middle of a large apartment complex access road, and he was being restrained by the ambulance crew.

He had an altered level of consciousness (only responded to painful stimuli), his pupils were blown (or one was dilated and the other pinpoint, I can’t remember), and he was combative as hell.

He also had blood coming out of both ears, and when we used a 4 X 4 bandage to collect the blood, it showed it contained cerebral spinal fluid. NOT GOOD SIGNS AT ALL.

As we jumped in to help the ambulance crew, I checked the car nearby for damage and found none. There was an older lady, maybe late 40’s, standing next to the vehicle while she was being questioned by a police officer on the scene. Long story short, the patient started crashing fast. He was rushed to the hospital where we later learned he died.

The police officer came over as we were cleaning up the scene and said “did you hear what happened”? Apparently the patient was the woman’s son. She was leaving to go to the liquor store and had refused to buy her son beer.

He got upset and jumped on her car, laughing, and said something like “you’re taking me there even if I have to ride out here”.

Then, according to her statement, she took off, gradually building up speed. He managed to climb from the hood to the roof where he was laying on his belly, screaming for her to stop, while holding on to the front windshield.

She estimated she was going 30 to 40 mph when she slammed on the brakes, shooting him headfirst into the road, killing her son.


#3 Bar.

We offered to rent a room to a buddy of ours while he was going through his divorce. I walked into the kitchen to find his daughter (7 years old) asking me to feed her because she’s hungry. I was the only other person home, so I fed her and called him to see where the hell he was at. He was at the bar… He left his daughter at home, told no one.

Edit: Because so many were asking, I thought I’d fill you all in. The divorce was due to adultery, they’ve both caught each other a few times and I guess they finally decided to end it.

I didn’t know the kind of guy he really was, I always had the impression that it was his wife who was holding his family back but it turns out it takes two to tango. He wasn’t at the bar getting drunk.

He was there chasing the bartender who he later moved into the house without even asking while jobless and living rent free. The guy was a real POS, and the list of things could just go on and on.

While I do not believe their daughters well being is in jeopardy, she is not being raised in a structured environment and her education is very much on their back burner. Unfortunately giving your child little to no hope for their future is not a crime and there’s nothing we can do about that.


#4 Soda.

Parents who give soda to their babies/toddlers in bottles. The same parents who wonder why the kid needs 5 tooth extractions after the cavities set in to their baby teeth.


#5 Socially awkward.

I know a kid who’s an only child. His parents do everything for him. Plate his food, cut it up for him etc. His mom doesn’t work so she puts everything into taking care of this guy. The problem is that she still talks and interacts with him like he’s 5 years old.

As a result he’s this super sheltered, socially awkward 13 year old. Talking to him you’d think he was 9. I feel bad for the guy. He’s about to go into high school and I can already tell he’s going to be one of those weird kids.


#6 Ski resort.

Saw a little girl fall down the stairs at a ski resort. She was clearly having trouble carrying her skis and poles. Father proceeds to scream at her, “What are you doing?! Those are expensive.”

Then he just stood there impatiently huffing as she picked her self up, awkwardly trying to carry her skis and poles and running after him looking ashamed.


#7 Signal Jammer.

I rented a room from a family when I was at college. They were always really harsh with their teenage daughter and super adoring with her older brother.

I had to ask the dad to get rid of the signal jammer they had secretly installed to stop the daughter from being on her phone because I couldn’t use my computer or phone (it randomly would kill the wifi signal).

What really took the cake was the several hours (3+) that the mother spent yelling at the daughter one day. It was like she was going through a book of “shit not to say to your teenage daughter” and said every thing in there. “You look like a hooker the way you put on your makeup”,

“You’ll never amount to anything”, “why can’t you be more like your brother”, you are fat, stupid, useless, ugly etc.. just totally laying on her.

The mother would yell and complain about pretty much anything the daughter did but that was really too far.

Edit: I’m so sorry to hear about everyone that’s lived through this! I’m sad to say I didn’t intervene aside for sticking up for her when the parents talked to me about her directly and when I had to ask to have the jammer removed.

This was by now almost 10 years ago in London and I was studying abroad. I didn’t know the jammer was illegal (is it in the UK?) and it was removed after about 2 weeks at my request (took a week for me to ask them about the trouble I was having).

I didn’t report anything because honestly I wasn’t really sure if it passed the line of abuse or not having no experience at all with that sort of thing and being unsure of the UK law (this was around the time the ‘baby P’ case was exposed, where toddler was beaten to death and CPS had done several checks and done nothing).

Edit2: I’ve done some light Facebook stalking and the girl seems to be married and looks happy. She isn’t friends with her dad on there (mum has no Facebook).


#8 Clothing rack.

When working in a box store about 10 years ago, a customer reported to me that they found a kid tied to a clothing rack.

The mother had used her child leash to tie up her kid in an isolated corner while she shopped. We untied the kid, took him to my manager, and promptly called the cops.


#9 Crowd.

It was about 15 years ago when I was in high school. We were all coming out of school and a woman was passing by with a 5 year old boy.

The child seemed a bit overwhelmed by the crowds of people all of a sudden surrounding him and went to grab his mothers hand.

The mother wouldn’t hold his hand and instead started yelling at him “Don’t you worry baby, in about 10 years all these girls will be dropping their panties for you.”

The poor kid looked so scared and confused. I’ve never forgotten that line or that kid’s face. So disturbing to see.


#10 Spoiled.

My best friend was spoiled rotten by his dad. For his 15th birthday he got a top of the line laptop for $3k.

Friend threw a hissy fit because he also wished for a moped. Naturally his father bought him a derbi senda x-treme a few days later. He got everything he pointed at.

Nowadays he’s 28 and still has 0 respect for money, had a gambling addiction for a decade, debts up to his neck etc. He’s taught to live in the fast lane and it has been fucking him over ever since he became an adult.


#11 iPod.

I’ve posted this story before but my friend wanted an iPod when they first came out. He saved his money for nearly a year to buy his own.

When his parents took him to buy it, his little sister started throwing a tantrum because she wanted one too. His parents bought her one just to shut her up.


#12 Apple juice.

I know a few parents who refuse to say no to their children, giving them everything they want. You only have apple juice in the house but they want fruit punch? Will go to the store and get it right then.

It’s ridiculous that the kids run the house.


#13 Littering.

I was going to pickup take out food around after school time. There was a lady and a small boy around 5-6 standing by the parking lot. The boy was drinking a Coke, when then he turned and tossed it about 15 ft over by a tree.

He looked at me and I said “Are you just going to leave that there?”. His mother whipped around and asked me if I was talking to her son. I replied that I was asking him if it was his intention to leave his litter by the tree.

She went off about not talking to her child. There was a back and forth for about 15 seconds. Meanwhile the boy realizing he was wrong went to go pick up the can.

The mom firmly told him no, but he said it’s ok and walked over picked up the can and walked back to his mom. She snatched it out of his hand and promptly threw it back by the tree.

Stared me down and dragged the boy across the street.


#14 Suffocated.

Being at the autopsy of the 2 year old who pulled a dresser down on himself because the parents were “napping” aka faded from drugs.

Oh, and he wasn’t crushed. It was positional asphyxiation. So he stayed there and suffocated for about 5 minutes. Alone and panicking.

The thing with adult autopsies is the visual weight of the open torso. A bright red open rib cage. A child is different.

The head is much bigger proportionally. The greatest visual weight was actually his mop of blond hair on his big round head. Very distressing. I think about him most days.


#15 Pool.

I was teaching swimming, had 8 or 10 kids, including the worst student I have ever had. Around 9 years old, certainly old enough to know better, he would not follow directions.

He wouldn’t stay with the group, he would ignore instructions, he would slide down the wall to the deep end by himself, he was an absolute danger to himself and was taking my attention away from the other students.

I’ve had maybe a thousand, fifteen hundred students and he was the only one I ever had to discipline – I kicked him out of the pool and made him sit on the edge. He actually complied – the first time he had ever seriously listened to instructions – which tells me that he wasn’t used to being called out on his behavior.

After class I was summoned to speak with my manager who had angry mommy steaming up the pool deck right besides me. She told me that nobody was allowed to discipline her son except for his father. The manager nodded in agreement but it was clear that he was on my side.


It was the 2nd to last session in the schedule and they didn’t show up for the last one. Good thing, too, because I had decided that if he screwed up even a little bit I would taken the entire class out of the pool and marched everybody over to deliver her kid back to her (in full view of all of the other parents).

I couldn’t leave the kids in the pool unsupervised, and she wasn’t allowed on the deck, so it would have been the only way to do things her way instead of my way which got the point across and resulted only in a loss of 5 minutes of water time.


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