World’s New Favorite Uncle Wears Suit To Meet Newborn Niece

There are very few occasions more important than a birth.

It is when a new life is coming into the world and, in a very special way, you get to welcome a new member of the family. However, while most people tend not to care in what attire they welcome a baby in (after all, they are a baby, and they’re hardly going to remember it) but some, like Grant Kessler, like to do it in serious style.

When his older sister Oliva gave birth yesterday, she was the first of the three Kessler siblings to welcome the next generation of their family and Grant and his sister Iris, aged 18 and 16 respectively, became aunt and uncle for the first time. This event is, of course, worthy of celebration, and Grant certainly decided to mark the occasion by arriving at the hospital in a full suit and tie.

Twitter @Iris_Elisabeth_

Iris posted a picture of her brother decked out in his suit online, stating that he was wearing it because ‘first impressions matter.’ The picture quickly went viral, and many people couldn’t resist recording their reactions to the wonderfully sweet gesture.

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The beautifully wholesome tweet has now been favorited 209,000 times and retweeted 67,000 times. What is even more adorable is the way Grant is dealing with his new-found fame- he apologized to his followers on Twitter for the amount of mentions he was getting.

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Isn’t that cute?

According to his sister, this is just a ‘classic’ move from her brother. “He’s always the type to show up to things dressed up, or bring a cake for no reason.” She said in a Buzzfeed interview. I think it is apparent we all need a Grant in our lives.

And if this whole story couldn’t get any better, we have a picture of Grant getting to meet his adorable niece.

Twitter @Iris_Elisabeth_

All I’m saying is, that girl is getting a world-class uncle… and she’s probably going to get spoiled rotten.

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