These Working Doggos Are Hilariously Failing At Their Jobs

Check out these fantastic Working Dogs who are doing everything else except for work!

A dog surely is a man’s best friend. And it’s clearly evident now because they can be just as lazy as we are. I mean, it’s a known fact that dogs are full of energy and always ready to help around, especially if they are working dogs! It’s because they are specially bred for a particular reason. But, then again, if we can be lazy? Why can’t our dogs be?

Scroll on below and take a look at some of the hilarious tweets from owners about their working dogs. Enjoy!

Source: Imgur

1. Gamine (Great Dane)

2. Stripes (Whippet)

3. Fergus (Collie/Retriever)

4. Poppy (Collie)

5. Barney (Jack Russel Terrier)

6. Maggie (Jack Russel/Poodle)

7. Emmett (Foxhound)

8. Daxter and Max

9. Bailey (English Springer Spaniel)

10. Abner (Greyhound)

11. Jack (Terrier)

12. William (Dachshund)

13. Pretzel (Daschund)

14. Percy (Saluki)

15. Kyra

16. Murdock (CĂș Faoil/ Irish Wolfhound)

17. Laszlo (Hungarian Vizsla)

18. Hound

19. Maizy (Border Terrier mix)

20. Winston

21. Piper (Bernese Mountain)

22. Kodi (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

23. Newton (Poodle)

24. Archie (Cocker Spaniel)

25. Jed (Border Collie)

So, which one of these dog breeds did you find the most amusing? Also, do you own or know someone who owns a working dog? If so, then feel free to share the picture and story with us. Comment in the box below and let us know!

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