21 Memes You Need To Send Your Co-Workers ASAP

Memes are one of the more comforting parts of the internet. Relatable, funny, and more viral than the common cold, these bits of comedy gold will pop up almost everywhere online, in one form or another.

The reason that they’ll always be around is that they are incredibly relatable. There’s a meme for everything. And collected here is a list of memes exclusively about work.

Whether you have a white-collar job, blue-collar job, or no-collar job, here’s a list of hilarious memes you have to show your coworker, either because you’ve been in that position, or it’s just plain hilarious.

#1 The “We should hangout” line.
Twitter: @SoonSun_

Too soon, buddy. Too soon. The only reason I come in and say hi to you is because I have to see you every day. If I didn’t, I’d never even make eye contact, let alone get along with you.

#2 Welcome the new guy with open arms.
Twitter: @humor_me_pink

Show him your secret lair where you go to when you have to working gets too much so you want to unwind, but that’ll cost money, and to get money, you have to work, and it’s a vicious cycle.

#3 “Willing to work nights, weekends and holidays?”
Twitter: @_ImFreshPrince_

When you don’t want to say yes, but you’re too broke to say no. I need this job, okay? I got bills to pay.

#4 When Boss-man asks you what you’re doing.
NBC / Angelo Spagnolo / BuzzFeed

Mastering the art of procrastination, avoidance of responsibilities, and straight up violations of work ethics. What about you?

#5 Getting caught trying to get away with not working
Twitter: @dickfillet

Oh, so I wasn’t supposed to staple these ties together? How was I supposed to know?! They were right there next to the staples, I just assumed that that’s what needed to be done. My bad for having priorities, boss.

#6 I’m just a huge fan of gossip.
Twitter: @wholel0ttaMANI

Most of the lines I throw back are ones I’ve read in a book somewhere. I’m 90% of the last book I read, and if that book had a sassy main character, oh boy.

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