20+ Things Everyone Who Works In Makeup Is Tired Of Hearing

Working in Makeup can be really fun.

Especially if you’re a Makeup-Holic. However, it can also get on your nerves at times. Some customers just tend to test your patience, and you have to smile and answer because the customer is always right.

Wondering what can annoy makeup workers? Well, scroll down to see a list of everything they’re tired of hearing:

#1 “Will you do my makeup for free?”

Billboard / Via youtube.com

Sure, if you can have a salon give you a free haircut too.


#2 “Oh, I always sleep with my makeup on.”

Honey, don’t brag, It’s just going to ruin your skin.


#3 “I don’t wash my brushes either.”

And then they wonder why their skin keeps breaking out.


#4 “Make me look like Kylie Jenner.”

Jennie Fava

Babe, you’ll need plastic surgery for that.


#5 “When is *insert product* launching?”

Please check the website for release dates, not us.

#6 “It’s launched elsewhere, why don’t you have it?”

Beamly / Oxygen

You see, I don’t own the company.


#7 “Why was this discontinued? You used to have it!”

Big Think / Via youtube.com

Yeah, I was definitely behind this.


#8 “I need an exact replica of this discontinued lipstick.”

Of course. That can be done, let me just get my magic wand.


#9 “I don’t actually need to wash my face, right?”

Paramount Pictures

You are joking, right?


#10 “I want a matte lipstick look, but I don’t want to wear matte lipstick.”

20th Century Fox

That’s not possible, ma’am.

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