‘Wonder Woman’s’ Director Tweeted The Best Thank-You Note From A Kindergarten Teacher

Wonder Woman is a smashing success

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

With how poorly Suicide Squad was received and the polarising review Batman Vs Superman, the DCEU needed a hit. And Wonder Woman gave them just that. It’s shattering box office records and women all over the world are over the moon at finally getting their badass superhero.

And that’s not all. Not only was this the first Superhero movie starring a woman, it was also directed by Patty Jenkins. So given that women had such a prominent hand in it, is it really that surprising that girls all over the world are happy for the overdue representation?

They’re also praising Jenkins!

Not because of the movie, but the affect it had on the children. Kindergarteners were wooed by the cinema magic and Gadot’s portrayal. Some even rejected Beauty And The Beast for Wonder Woman instead.

On Sunday, Jenkins received a thank you note from an elementary school teacher describing the different ways Wonder Woman changed classrooms forever.

The image reads:

And it’s just so darned cute.

Other people have also come in to show their approval!

It was relevant, important, and above all, nurturing.

The boys are also taking part in it

After all, let’s face it.

Gal Gadot made a badass Amazoness warrior. She was an amazing Wonder Woman, and she’s left a legacy for boys and girls alike. About time, too.

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