Make-up Artist Created Wonder-Woman Costume Using A Yoga Mat & Duct Tape, The End Result Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

You too can be a superhero if you have plenty of duct tape.

You also need at least 50 hours of your time and around 30$. But it’s a small price to pay to achieve the gorgeous Wonder Woman look.

Rhylee Passfield is an Australian makeup artists who was inspired by the superhero and wanted to dress like her. She didn’t have a few thousand dollars lying around to perfect the costume, so you know what she did? She made it herself! With yoga mats, of all things!

Basically, I started by duct-taping myself. Then I cut out a pattern from the duct tape form, copied it onto a K-mart yoga mat and glued it together using contact adhesive.

All up the costume cost me about $30 and took about 50 hours as it was my first time making anything like it.

Rhylee Passfield

More info: Instagram | Youtube

Even her makeup looks amazing.

This is how it started.

She made the breastplate pattern using fake nails.

Then she used thin craft foam to make the eagle and the belt.

She did an amazing job spray-painting the costume.

She used scarps of vinyl to create the skirt.

The shoes were found in a thrift shop which she later spray painted.

The same crafting method was used to create the headpiece, gauntlets, and leg armor.

The end product turned out to be amazing.

I mean just look at the costume in motion.

This is not her first time transforming herself either.

She is an amazing makeup artist as evident by her 13k followers.

She’s as terrifying as she is talented.

So hyped for Avatar!

What do you think of her unique wonder woman costume? Do you think she did a good job or was something amiss? Comment on below and let us know.

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