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10+ Tweets That Prove That Women Were The Most Supportive & Proved That The Sis-Code Is Real

10+ Tweets That Prove That Women Were The Most Supportive & Proved That The Sis-Code Is Real

Women supporting women is the best thing you’ll ever see.

Isn’t it amazing how we help and encourage each other in almost everything we do? Be it advice on dating boys or fashion or just having late night heart to hearts with your best friend, all those moments are worth remembering and being thankful for.

Scroll down and check out these awesome 18 tweets from women who were caught in truly inspiring and heartfelt situations.

1. This is my kind of support. Because food is life.

2. Need more people like that in my life.

3. That is just so damn sweet!

4. I wish there were more caring and considerate humans like this girl.

5. When this girl was totally there to fight for her.


6. Always got each other’s backs.

7. I feel like screaming right now!

8. Sometimes it’s shocking how you become friends with someone in no time.

9. Although, I wonder if she would have done it if she wasn’t drunk.

10. It’s amazing when a total stranger steps in to save the day.

11. These kind of girls are very important in life.

12. When someone goes out of their way to cheer you up even though they don’t know you.


13. Yes, we all just join in to cheer each other on. It’s normal for us.

14. Aww. The best girlfriend ever!

15. Drunk to sober and back getting drunk most probably. That’s called true friendship.

16. Lol, this is just too cute and funny, to be honest.


17. No jealousy or envy, just generosity.

18. Okay, this girl is a true legend for making her night a lot better.

Let’s keep pushing each other like this and spread more love and kindness. Do you have awesome girly stories to share? Do you want to share them with us? Do comment below and let us know. And if you liked this post, share it.

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