Outrage Sparked As Family Claimed That Women With MS Was Tied To Wheelchair By Delta Staff

Airlines have been making the headlines for treating its passengers like trash for a while now.

Just a few days ago a doctor was brutally dragged out of an overbooked flight.

It’s a never-ending debacle. Delta has been pleaded guilty to yet another scandal. The flight attendants allegedly mistreated a disabled passenger on board. As claimed by the family of the disabled person, the flight attendants tied her up to a wheelchair and told her to “shut the f*** up” when she cried out in pain.


Malia Saliagas travels to Europe with her husband almost every year, and their choice of airline is usually Delta. Malia suffers from a medical condition called multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed with it five years ago, and ever since that time she’s required to travel in a wheelchair.

Legally, passengers with disabilities are not to inform airlines ahead of time of their condition before traveling. And it’s the airline’s responsibility to accommodate a traveler with disabilities. The airline provided Maria with straps that helped keep her upright when she’s sitting in her chair.

However, Delta’s idea of accommodation was to allegedly tie her with a dirty blanket because they didn’t have special wheelchairs available to help her travel.



Malia’s son, Nathan was enraged with the treatment his mother was given on the flight to Amsterdam. The Delta attendant tied the blanket so tightly that she reportedly suffered from injuries and bruises on her arms.

She was basically “left there,” tied to a chair.

Delta Airlines on April 1st, from Atlanta to Amsterdam, decided to physically and emotionally abuse my mother, a woman…

Geplaatst door Kostas Saliagas op Dinsdag 24 april 2018

When Malia’s family complained of the mistreatment, the airline tried to cover up for the misconduct with 20,000 free SkyMiles and an apology for their disastrous travel experience. However, the gesture isn’t enough for the family, and they’re calling for policy implementations for the airline to be more considerate towards disabled people.


Newsweek questioned Delta about the treatment of Saliagas and here’s what they had to say:

“We are disappointed that our customers didn’t have a satisfying travel experience and will ensure that their return flight exceeds expectations. While Delta always looks for ways to improve the overall customer experience, our findings do not align with details shared by the customer’s family.” 

This isn’t the first time someone with a disability was mistreated by the airline.

We have been through hell this morning. They detained Aaron for well over an hour at DFW. (And deliberately kept us from our flight… we are now on an alternate) We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules. He has SPD and I didn't want my child given a pat down like this. Let me make something else crystal clear. He set off NO alarms. He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. He is still several hours later saying "I don't know what I did. What did I do?" I am livid. Please, share… make this viral like the other children's videos with TSA… I wish I had taped the entire interchange because it was horrifying. We had two DFW police officers that were called and flanking him on each side. Somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in.

Geplaatst door Jennifer Williamson op Zondag 26 maart 2017

A mother just recently ranted about a time when her son was patted down by the TSA, despite having been checked already.

Moreover, a 3-year-old girl in a wheelchair was held up by TSA agents while she was on her way to Disney World. She was so overwhelmed by the entire incident that she didn’t want to travel to her dream vacation anymore.

And it’s not just the people who suffer.

United reportedly fored a passenger to put their dog in the overhead compartment during a flight for which they got into a lot of hot water, because it unfortunately, killed the dog.

Airlines try to accommodate people but instead end up screwing up with the other passengers in the process. Like the debacle where the attendant offered to compensate the offensive passenger with a $1,000 travel voucher after a woman sitting next to a passenger put her feet up on a meal tray while they were trying to eat.

Utmost respect what?

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