Women On Twitter Sharing Absolute Bare Minimum Things That Make Them Fell For Men And GUYS It’s Not That Hard

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

There’s another part of Twitter dedicated to relationships.

Specifically, the small things guys do that make the girl head over heels for him. Whether it’s ordering large fries instead of small, or grabbing something for her on the way back from the store. Etc.

Small things.

The bare minimum.

And it’s absolutely hilarious.

#1 An extra two bucks.


#2 Chicken nuggets.


#3 Chivalry.


#4 Nice to kids.


#5 “My girl.”

@MamaliaCairo / Via Twitter: @MamailaCairo

#6 Dates.

#7 Texting back.


#8 Broccoli.

@IbrahimRehman33 / Via Twitter: @IbrahimRehman33

#9 Cars.

@jastheloser / Via Twitter: @jastheloser

#10 Carrying luggage up the stairs.

#11 Anything is a date.

Twitter: @lifeofriha

#12 Bless.

#13 All the above.

@brennalreed / Via I would like die

#14 Standards!

#15 Random glances.


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