19 Tumblr Posts For Women Who Are Absolutely Sick & Tired Of Bullshit

The Internet Is Full Of Crap.

Whether you think, we need feminism or not, the following posts will still anger you. While I believe many people don’t understand the basic things about being a women. It is still surprising to see the following posts. So we compiled the following posts for women who are tired of all the bullshit.

#1 Trust Issues Are Real.

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#2 Oooh Burn!


#3 I Take Back What I Said Before. This One Is The True Definition Of Burn.


#4 Apparently Being Related To A Women Automatically Makes You A Hero.


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#5 I Don’t Know, Bleach Might Ruin Them.

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#6 He Hasn’t Met A Girl Who Is Smarter Than Him?


#7 Doesn’t Seem Like A Cruel Thing To Do Though.

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#8 They Were Naturally Born With Makeup.


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