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Ladies Take Notes! 10+ Women Share Their Favourite Ways To Get Themselves Off

Ladies Take Notes! 10+ Women Share Their Favourite Ways To Get Themselves Off

Everyone needs a little me time.

And everyone’s ‘me’ time differs from each other. Today we have some of the best advice from ladies that definitely know what they’re talking about. And to put it honestly, it never hurts to change things up a tiny bit in the bedroom.

After all, nobody knows your body better than yourself. Some of these might be a little weird but hey! If it works, it works right? So scroll on below, and you might want to keep your notebook close to you.

#1 Amber, 25.


I’m not a big fan of sex toys, they’re too rough on my clit. So, I usually use my hands. I like watching some porn to get myself in the mood and I’ll just rub myself until I get off.

#2 Michelle, 27.


I use my dildo on medium speed until I feel as though I’m going to orgasm, then I’ll put it on the highest speed possible to get an even more intense orgasm.

#3 Rebecca, 30.


My husband and I have a showerhead that’s removable and can change the water pressure/speeds.

I use it to get off in the shower. The pulse setting is the best, when it hits your clit in the right spot…game over.

#4 Stacey, 25.


When I was younger, I started masturbating at an early age…probably before I knew what masturbating was.

It was because I discovered porn early on. Since then, I liked to use a back massager. It’s not too intense, but gives me the same feeling as a dildo (for less money).

#5 Jackie, 33.


I like to actually move when I’m cumming, even if I’m not having sex. So, I use pillows, my blanket, a hoodie (anything for friction) and I’ll sit on my heels and move back and forth on top of it in a humping motion.

Usually watching porn.

#6 Kelly, 23.


I like to have something inside me, even when I’m getting myself off. I’ll put my dildo inside of me while I play with my clit.

#7 Hannah, 35.


I like using hot oil or warming lube. It makes the experience even more intense and the orgasm feel 10x better. Try it.

#8 Lucy, 28.


I used an electric toothbrush when I was younger since my parents were pretty strict. Like, if they ever found a sex toy in my room they’d freak out. My dad’s super religious.

I’ve never grown out of the toothbrush stage. So, I just buy a new one every few months when I feel like it’s gross.

#9 Stephanie, 24.


I’m not a fan of dildos, because I’m really not a vaginal-orgasm type of girl. I need clit stimulation to get off, so I use a small vibrator that has a remote.

I like to put it in my underwear so I don’t really have to do much work and watch whatever I’m in the mood for.

#10 Isabella, 22.


I’m not sure why but I really like anything cold on my clit when I masturbate. I use bags of ice to rub on my clit. It’s weird.

#11 Nicole, 26.


Get yourself a magic wand and thank me later.

#12 Karen, 35.


I have a routine every night. I hit my g-pen twice, I put on a really good, softcore porn, I get a good buzz on and into it, and I go to town on myself.

#13 Jennifer, 30.


I like to be fully naked when I masturbate. I don’t know why but it simulates sex for me. I use my hands, but I move around a lot.

#14 Jillian, 21.


Trust me when I say that you’ll never feel a better orgasm than you will with a vibrator. Your hands are magic, yes. A dick is magic, yes.

Even a guy’s tongue will help you get off. But, using a vibrator changes your life. Invest in one and invest in yourself.

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