10+ Times Women Were Absolutely Done Taking Your Shit

Even women get tired of bullshit sometimes.

Now I am not saying all men are bad, not at all. But some are awful just like some women are. So following are the tweets that show that sometimes even women are done taking shit from others. So Twitter is where they go to unwind.

There might be some tweets ahead that you may not like, to which I say ‘Suck it up! Everyone has their own opinion.’`

#1 Because opening ajar is so damn hard.

Via 1followernodad

#2 Why don’t you say it?

Via aparnapkin

#3 They are far beyond that.

Via rgay

#4 Duly noted.

Via andnowtothemoon

#5 Yeah, Doesn’t seem like a fair price.

Via keelyflaherty

#6 Doesn’t the countdown seem a little long?


#7 Unwanted dicks always give me nightmares.

Via BoobsRadley

#8 And that is surprising because.?

Via allisonkilkenny

#9 Okay, you are old-fashioned.

Via katewillett

#10 Now you finally know the reason.

Via amymiller

#11 Seems legit.

Via NoToFeminism

#12 Great idea.

Via lisatozzi

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