10+ Times Women Helped Other Women Dodge Creeps And Followed The ‘Woman Code’ Hilariously

Men and women both have their own unwritten codes.

These “creeds” are the ones they follow to guide their morals and behaviour with other women. And you don’t need to tell the other person, they just know. Like, it’s a guy code that if someone dies while lifting, the other must always add more weights before calling the ambulance.

And for women, it’s a code that if a creepy guy is coming onto a woman, you have to pretend to be their lesbian lover or anything you can do to get rid of him. Check out how these women curved creeps with the help of guys and gals alike!

#1 Drinks.

#2 Train ride.


#3 Florence.

#4 Persistent older guy.

#5 Berated by an ex.

#6 Confrontational.

#7 Pretending to know each other.


#8 Bus drivers.

#9 Immediate escape.

#10 Violence.


#11 Subway drunk.



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