10+ Times Women Cried For The Dumbest Reasons Because Of PMS & Every Girl Can Understand The Struggle

PMS sucks.

While I don’t think periods drive us insane or anything, but give us a break. Our uterus is shedding it’s lining; it is bound to make us a little emotional, right? While I personally don’t cry much during that time of the month, but it can make anyone a little erratic.

So if you cried because there was no wine at home or because you saw a car commercial, its okay. Today we have compiled some of the stories from other woman who cried because of pretty dumb reasons.

So at the end of the day, it’s okay to cry, be angry and just let yourself be.

#1 Potato disaster.


I was watching Masterchef Australia, and someone left potatoes in the oven for too long. They had to leave it off, and without it there was no textural element.

#2 Ditzy.


I once forgot how to spell “ditzy,” and I just curled up on my bed and cried.

#3 Dead mosquito.


I killed a mosquito once, and then sat and cried because what if it was a dad mosquito and now those mosquito kids have no father.

#4 Loving boyfriend.


I cried because I realized my boyfriend loves me.

#5 Memories.


Seeing kids hold their parents on scooters made me cry because it is cute and I used to hold my Dad like that when I was little.

#6 Dhara commercial.


I watched a Dhara commercial, and I ugly cried for HOURS.

#7 Old friend.


Every time I see Steve Rogers look at Bucky, I just cry because that poor man out of time just got his best friend back.

#8 Thai curry.


I was trying to open a can of coconut milk, because I wanted Thai curry. I couldn’t open the can, so I started crying.

Because I wouldn’t be able to get any Thai curry. Then I realized how amazing Thai curry is, so I cried some more.

#9 Harry Potter books.


I finally convinced my younger sister to read the Harry Potter books. I realized

I would never know what it’s like to discover all my favorite books all over again, and that was it.

Operation Crying Activated.

#10 Lovely dog.


I was reading an article about a dog who was so happy about her master coming home from work.

And then I cried because we don’t deserve dogs and they’re the best creatures ever.

#11 Kitten.


Once, my friend’s new kitten mewed, and it sounded like the saddest thing I had ever heard.

#12 Wine.


I came back home and I realized there was no wine in the house.

#13 Empowerment cry.

I watched Katy Perry’s video for ‘Roar,’ and it was so empowering that I just teared up.

#14 No shampoo.


I got into the shower to take a bath, and realized I was out of shampoo after I had wet my hair.

#15 Burger craving.


I got really excited for dinner because I was planning to eat a burger. Then I realized dinner was three hours away.


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