Women On Twitter Are Calling Out Their Doctors For Not Knowing How To Treat UTI & We All Can Relate

Have you ever had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

If you haven’t experienced that, I hope and pray that you don’t ever have to because when it comes to UTI, the pain is unreal.

While talking about UTI in women, there are several reasons due to which women can develop UTI’s, and serious complications can occur if it is left untreated.

For instance, tight pants/underwear, sex, birth control pills, and certain different medications can also be the cause of a UTI in women. However, these are just some of the few reasons that can be the cause of the infection. But if we talk about treating the UTI, women have realized that doctors treat it like it’s not even a big deal but it can become deadly, and serious complications can occur if it becomes chronic and proper medication isn’t provided to heal it.

A lot of women have complained about doctors not taking it seriously when they should. Although yes, the treatments are easy and curable, but only if they are treated at the right time and with care – but a majority of doctors tend to show lack of professionalism when it comes to treating a UTI. So, the issue about doctors not taking it seriously was raised online by a Twitter user who is known as @floozyesq, and fellow Twitter users jumped in to relate.

Well, that’s a nice way to put it!

After @floozyesq made this tweet, there were many women who were able to relate and they jumped in to point out the lack of professionalism that the doctors show.

I hate it when doctors say that!

Exactly, because they don’t think it’s a big issue until it gets worse.

You definitely need proper care!

Oh lord, this is ridiculous. Doctors should see what their ignorance can do.

108 fever!? How are you even alive, I wonder?



Yeah, I’m not. I want myself to get infected.

So tell me, why shouldn’t we kill these doctors when they ask such questions?


No, you don’t even have to check me, doctor!

If I’m to say anything about this, when it comes to health-related issues, you should always get a second opinion if you’re not happy with the doctor, because health should always be a priority and you should never make any compromises.

Let us know about your experiences and thoughts on UTIs.

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