20+ Times Women Had The Most Brutal And Savage AF Comebacks To Creepy Guys

It Might Be Hard For Some People To Get A Clue.

I mean, let’s be honest. Whether we are in a bar or scrolling tinder, there is bound to be some creepy guy lurking in the shadows. Now you could ignore them but whats the fun in that? Teaching them a lesson is so much more interesting.

That is primarily the reason we have compiled the sickest burns. You might want to try to learn something from the following gals, so next time you’ll be ready when you get an un-original text.

#1 Maybe It Is? We Shouldn’t Judge.

#2 Same Sister. Same.

Via ethreale

#3 That’s Some Solid Advice!

Via UnburntWitch

#4 She Did What He Asked For Though.

Via lolihull

#5 I Definitely Need To Memorize That!

Via angelcake893

#6 The Winner Is The Lady.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#7 That’s Gotta Hurt.

#8 Sounds Like A Good Plan.

Via thisiswherejackwastedhislife

#9 Way To Go!

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#10 Ouch!

#11 This Is Ingenious.

Via punchmeluke

#12 Solid Burn.

Via ruserious65433

#13 Even He Realizes That.

Via l23VIVE

#14 Must Be Bad Luck For The Guy.

#15 This Is Actually Quite Clever.

Via Danika Dumont

#16 He Should Be More Clear.

#17 Simple yet Effective.

Via urmomsabortion

#18 Apply Cold Water To The Burnt Area.

Via PenguinsPuffin

#19 The Truth Hurts.

Via s3rtralin3

#20 As You Wish…

#21 This Got Violent. He Shouldn’t Have Used That Pickup Line In The First Place Though.

Via coolguymandude

#22 Do Guys Not Know How To Be Clear?

Via emmamesk

#23 This Is Fuel For Nightmares.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#24 The Most Awkward Pickup Line I’ve Ever Come Across.

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#25 15 Years Old? Really?

Via communistsurburbanmom

#26 Oo Yes!

Via hitlerisastrawberry

#27 Well That Escalated Quickly.

Via hitlerisastrawberry

#28 What Can You Even Say About This?

Via Chuchubear

#29 Damn, That Is A Sick Burn!

Via straightwhiteboystexting.org

#30 They Both Seem To Have Quite Good Reflexes.

Via TheOwlAndTheFinch

Think you are going to use any of the above sick burns? Or are you already proficient in the art of burns? If so we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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