This Woman’s Story Will Remind You About Every Horror Movie Ever But Has An Opposite Climax

“I did the whitest thing imaginable today.”

No, I am not the one who said that because believe it or not, I am not white. A lady on Twitter did. Now, this might be horribly confusing to you but trust me; you’ll understand it once you read the following twitter thread.

I mean, don’t you get angry when you watch a horror movie and the main characters in the movie act so freaking stupid? Even when you’re screaming ‘Don’t open the door!’ at the screen, they always do it.

Well, you’ll feel the same while reading this Twitter thread.

Source: Imgur

I’m already quite invested in this story.

I would be like that too.

I disagree, I love rain!

“Of course it doesn’t. It’s just historic that’s all.”

Seems like the house is perfect.

Okay, maybe not perfect but which house doesn’t have nail scratches on walls, right?

Imagine the things you could hide in that little door, no?

I don’t know what he’s talking about since I never watched that.

Okay, now that is a little creepy even for me, and I usually love creepy things.

I am quite sure that they didn’t have an answer.

Honestly, that sounds like me.

Uh oh, that doesn’t sound too good.

Yeah, that is going to be a big no for him.

Well, at least your husband was there to help you.

I feel you even though I’m not white.

Now, that makes the most sense in this whole story.

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