Woman’s Hilariously Genius Prank On Her Dad Is Best Thing About This Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like a good prank!

Well, pranking someone isn’t exactly what the Christmas spirit is all about, but then again anything that makes you feel good and happy will do! Make no mistakes though; we don’t mean any regular prank. We are talking about a Level-10, fully-strategic and skilfully planned one-time tactical operation which was successfully pulled off by Judy Brown on her father.

Judy used the delaying tactics and pulled off a brilliant prank on her father. She waited for a whole year before making her move and by pinpointing the exact time she carefully hid her delicious-looking self-created bomb and waited for her target to approach.

Scroll down below to find out exactly what we mean!

Here’s what Judy initially tweeted.

You can already see where it’s going.

Oh boy!

This is not only carefully planned but also very evil.

Oh dear lord!

I bet his reaction was worth all of the efforts.

Well, that was that. What do you think of this evil-genius prank? Would you ever do something like this or do you think she took it a bit too far? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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