This woman’s powerful ‘before and after’ photos crush myths about body positivity.

Body confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time-

It is all too easy to get bogged down in dress sizes and what fits and what doesn’t and that can really shatter someone’s self-worth. Society has a lot of harsh perceptions about what is beautiful but one woman is out to change them all and is doing it in spectacular style.

Michelle Elman works as a body positivity coach and her everyday job is to help her clients feel more confident with their image. However, recently she spread her magic much further afield when she discovered an old dress she had bought five years before. The dress was a size 14 and back in 2012 she had been a size 12. Now at a size 20, she tried the dress back on- and it still fit.

Michelle then posted this on Instagram with an inspiring message below and it went viral.

Instagram @scarrednotscared

In it, she declared “Numbers don’t mean anything!”

“So are you really going to let a change [in] dress size dictate your day? Are you really going to let an increase in a number affect your mood?”

The post inspired many people but it also got Elman a lot of annoying responses with people commenting that she was ‘beautiful for her size’ and some even accused her of lying about her dress size. To combat this, she made another post showing how happy she was about her body and that too, went viral.

Instagram @scarrednotscared

“I am a U.K. Size 20.”

“It is a fact that changes depending on which store but the majority of my clothes are size 20. That is a fact.” She stated. “This assumption that I’m lying is contingent on your perception of what a size 20 looks like. This perpetuates the idea that fat equals ugly or unattractive which is most definitely DOES NOT!”

This second post, which mimics the before and after shots of people losing weight, currently has over 26000 likes on Instagram and has reached thousands of people. Hopefully this message will start to make people see their own bodies differently and will make a great change. This is, after all, something we all need to hear and something society needs to learn.

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