Woman’s Empowering Twitter Thread Proves That Friends Can Help You Through The Worst

Depression hits us hard.

The loss of a family member, especially someone as close to us as a father, can lead to a lot of emotional turmoil. That’s what happened with Sheila. Her dad passed away and she fell into a spiral of depression and sadness, and the thing about depression isn’t that you’re upset all the time, it’s that you lack the motivation to do anything about it. That’s depression.

With her father dead, Sheila fell into a rut that she couldn’t get out of. She moved apartments but was unable to even unpack because of how bad her mental health was. So a friend of hers, David, decided that there was showing support for someone, and there was doing something about it. He opted for both. After Sheila was unable to do something on her own accord, he called a bunch of their friends, came into her apartment, and decided to help her unpack themselves.

Sheila O’Malley experienced a huge torrent of emotion then. It’s better if you hear it from her.

Source: Twitter

First, her dad died.

As a friend, he decided that he needed to take a risk.

And so, that’s how almost a dozen of her friends came barging into her home.

They helped her unpack because she was too caught up in her depression to do anything.

Her friends were there for her.

She was understandably overwhelmed.

“Listen, baby, what we did today was a barn-raising.”

Within four hours, they fixed it.

This is what a good night looks like.

This is what friendship looks like.

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