Woman’s Co-Worker Fabricated A Story To Make A Move On Her And She Shared The Infuriating Drama Online

Some people just can’t handle rejection.

Just because someone you like is in love with someone else, doesn’t mean you get to ruin their relationship just to have them for yourself. People don’t owe you anything. The mature thing would be is to move on and find someone else.

However, this colleague decided to do something completely childish. An Imgur user shared the conversation between her and her co-worker, and what he did was absolutely ridiculous.

He started with a rather odd question.

And then pulled out the “nice guy” card and started making up stories about the woman’s husband.

He claimed that he saw her husband, Jimmy, making out with someone else. The woman wasn’t ready to believe his fake story though.

She tried to change the subject, but he insisted that her husband cheated on her.

He started adding more details to the story to make it believable, which made her call Jimmy’s mother.

She also figured out how he knew those details and called him out.

I hope he regrets what he did because it was very messed up. We shouldn’t try to sabotage someone else’s happiness for our own.

Has this ever happened to you? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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