This Three Year Long Story Between A Happenstance Meeting Between Strangers Will Make You Believe In Soulmates Again

Modern day dating is weird

But that doesn’t mean it has to be unsuccessful. A lot of things are online now, so it’s inevitable that dating gets there too. We already have stuff like OKcupid and Tinder, both of which are online, but I suspect in the future, things will be much more digitally focused.

Anyway, that aside, let me tell you this beautiful story that has the internet in tears about Llia Apostolou and Phil Gibson. It started with Apostolou reaching out to Twitter for a date to take to her sister’s wedding. Gibson replied enthusiastically, “I can do this, I’ve got a suit and everything,”

They had an awkward yet adorable banter back and forth, but unfortunately when the time came, she didn’t take Gibson to the wedding. She did, however, meet up with him IRL a week later.

This is Apostolou.

And this is her ad asking for a date.

Gibson was more than willing to take one for the team

And so began the awkward, yet hilarious banter.

But fast forward three years later and voila.

They actually ended up marrying each other.

It’s like a goddamn fairy tale!

Be careful what you wish for Apostolou. Or should I call you Llia Gibson now?

It was too good to be true, people were reasonably skeptical.

But married for a prank is a bit much.

It’s so sweet, if you look closely, you’ll get a cavity.

It was so magical sounding, everyone

Soulmates are real!

Twitter might be a more effective dating arena than people thought.

Just look at them. A happenstance meeting on Twitter that started off as a joke and ended up wedding them.

Even Job Snow was happy.

Source: Twitter

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