Woman Tweets Blood Boiling Story Of How Her BF Was Pulled Over For Giving A Homeless Man Change

Stories like these can really break your heart.

We all know how most police officers like to suspect black people. I have no idea why they do that, but they do. Now I am not saying all police is like this, but the stories of police brutality can really make it seem like everyone is like that.

Following is a story about how one man got pulled over for giving change to a beggar. It might sound made up, but it sadly is very real. This story might have gained popularity and shined a light on an ever-present problem.

These kind of events are happening every day and nobody seems to care. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter 

This is how the story starts.

I can understand that you’re shaken. Anyone would be feeling like this after a whole ordeal.

It seemed like any other day.

However, it soon changed when he gave a beggar some money.

And the cops explained how the beggar might have drugs.

And then they ask for insurance.

This is when it really starts to get weird.

As cops tell him to get out of the car because he apparently smelled like weed.

But they don’t lower their gun at all.

To which this man starts crying.

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