Woman Was Kidnapped But She Tricked Her Kidnapper To Give Her Phone & Her Presence Of Mind Saved Her Life

A grocery run changed into something horrible.

You see, 21-year-old student Jaila Gladden left her apartment in Carrollton, Georgia to go to a grocery store. When she was done shopping and went to the parking lot, a man followed her and pressed a knife to her throat.

He forced her to get in the car with him and then asked her how to get to Atlanta which was 50 miles away. After a little while, the attacker parked her vehicle behind an abandoned church and ordered her to strip.

She pleaded with him but there was no use, and he raped her. After this horrendous ordeal, he asked her where the nearest gas station was. It’s then that she had a genius idea. She asked him for her phone back so she could look at the maps.

The attacker did just that, and that is how she was able to contact her boyfriend, Tamir Bryant for help.

This is Jaila Gladden, a 21-year-old student.

Via Jaila Symone Gladden

She was kidnapped from a parking lot in Georgia.

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The attacker then raped her behind an abandoned church.

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He then asked her where the nearest gas station was.

To which she answered that she needed her phone to look at the map.

Via Jaila Symone Gladden

She quickly texted her boyfriend for help.

Her boyfriend realized it was serious.

So he went to the police.

“She would never play like that, she would never say that for no reason.”

But the police soon found the car.

And arrested the attacker.

The kidnapper was later charged with aggravated assault, rape, aggravated sodomy, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault against a police officer.

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