Woman Took A Photo Of Herself Everyday While She’s In An Abusive Relationship & It’s Heartbreaking

A picture can say a thousand words.

And that is pretty clear by the following pictures of one woman. I am sure you already know about this trend where people take a photo every day for years on end. It is mostly used to show how people have changed over time.

This woman, however, showed us how she lost her smile over time. We all know domestic abuse is terrible. And it can have horrendous effects on the sanity of the victim. As this is just one example of many.

It all started with innocent pictures.

Via Culturehook

She seemed like a strong and beautiful lady. And she was quickly getting followers. Which is understandable since it is quite normal for a lady to post pictures these days. However, that is when it started to take a turn for the worst.

Her always present smile was slowly fading away. And replacing it was bruise marks. It all seemed normal for a while. I mean, who hasn’t had some family fights and what not? And maybe it was a one-time thing?

It wasn’t! As time went by her tiny little bruises turned into huge gashes until she didn’t even look like the same person anymore. People wanted to help her, but her identity was a mystery to us all.

The change overtime took a turn for the worst.

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It may have looked like she could fight back but by apparent bruises on her face, it was clear that she wasn’t. People knew her pictures were a cry for help but how could they help her?

Her last picture, however, left us all shocked.

Via deviens

She was barely recognizable as the woman who was always smiling. She had a note in her hand that said: “pomozite mi ne znam da li cu docekati sutra” which means, I don’t know if I can make it one more day.

It was more evident than ever now. That she was in desperate need of some help.

However, we soon learned that it was a Croatian campaign.

Via affaritaliani

So yes, maybe the bruises were all makeup, and it was fake. But this is a reality for many people. Most of the time, those people do not come forward, and we are left in the dark about the horrendous acts they face.

So the message is still there. Billions of people get abused every day regardless of their gender, and we should take serious measure to stop this abuse.

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