This Woman Thinks Honey Is Bee’s Blood And Refuses To Believe Otherwise

People are just this stupid.

Even though we’d like to think that this woman is just a grade-A troll, it might be that she honestly doesn’t know and actually feels that honey is the blood of a bee which is truly disgusting when I think about it.

Even 5-year-olds know that honey is not blood. However, even after getting corrected from a bee-keeper, she continued in her stupid rant about the beekeeper was the one who was wrong. Yes, people like this do exist.

So scroll on below and take a look at how the beekeeper handled this crazy lady.

Source: Imgur

Who are we talking about here?

And that is when she started to sound like a crazy lady.

Oh gosh, does she even read what she texts?

As you can imagine, the beekeeper thought it was just a joke.

A potential customer who murders bees for no reason?

Are you a honey collector, Bonnie? If not, you don’t know sh*t.

Ah, this is when you gain some empathy?

So you’ve been eating honey all this time thinking it was blood? Wow.

Wrong indeed but he is not the one who’s wrong.

Nope, it is not bee’s blood.

I can understand a kid thinking this but not a fully grown lady. Maybe she should read a book once in a while, might do her some good. What would you do if someone made a stupid statement like this to you? Would you try to set them straight or just let them be?

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