This Woman Tells Her Shocking Birth Story & It’s A Crazy Ride From Start To End

Joy, tears, and surprise; this story has it all.

This is a story of a woman who gave birth under some crucial circumstances and in another country. Oh, and did I mention she was completely alone during it?

As awful as it sounds, it was actually quite fun to read.

So without much wait, scroll down to read the whole story.

Meet Tia Freeman, a US air force member and a new mother with little Xavier. He is only seven-weeks-old.

And this is her story.

Finding out that you are pregnant in your third trimester is a bit too shocking for me.

Maybe it’ll just go away.

Now that’s interesting.

Don’t they serve vegetarian meals during flights?

You can’t help but feel like it’s your time.

Yeah right.

It’s the worst.

Oh crap!

This waiting is more painful than anything in the world.

What you don’t want to do while in labor: NOT GIVE BIRTH ON THE AIRPORT.

Okay, time to panic.

Believe it or not, I am enjoying this.

The confidence this woman has is admirable!

The charm of motherhood.

It’s showtime, people.

The Internet never lets you down.

Damn you, woman! You have got some action going on here! And that too without an epidural!


You gotta find out at some point…

LOL, I’m sure…

It’s a baby boy!

Now that’s a bit disturbing for a lone woman who just gave birth to a baby!

It’s not that bad…

Oh, but that is!

This is so hilarious tbh.

Oh God, that’s gross!

You clever lady!

Lucky you.

Doctor mode on.

Poking the cord with the knife.


Bloody bathroom.

I really want to know what happened next… Like, how did the baby get to travel and all without the documents?

Let’s find out.

Fresh baby.

Thank goodness.

Naturally, everybody wanted to know the whole story.

At least she got famous. Even though it was in Turkey.

Awww, look at that little cutie!

I cannot help but laugh now.


Oh not again!

Grabbing someone’s boob is not very nice.

Oh, then it’s perfectly fine.

Now that’s the end!

Everybody must be so shocked, like WHERE DID THIS BABY COME FROM?!

The pride and joy of every woman; her child.

Emotional much? Click here if you would like to donate to Tia and her baby boy, Xavier.

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