Woman Taught Co-worker A Lesson On Consent After He Insisted On Getting A Hug

Consent is not that hard to understand.

If someone says no to something, they don’t want it. However according to what we are seeing in the world, people can’t understand this simple concept. And it is even more prevalent in the service industry where manager usually tells you to suck it up or just laughs in your face.

I wish I were making this up because I personally have dealt with it so many times while working in a god damn office. My boss just laughed at the little ‘joke’. And I clearly did not handle the situation like this one particular woman. I just simply quit, so that is why I am all the more impressed that this woman stood up for herself and it paid off.

So scroll on below and take a look at what she did do when one guy harassed her at work.


Via istockphoto / vladans

Clearly, people don’t understand the meaning of no.

If she doesn’t want to hug you, then let her be.

That is very true.

Thankfully the kitchen manager stepped in.

I am glad that the manager did something.

Many people would just ignore it.

People even had their own stories to share.

At least the world is changing slowly but surely.

Congratulations indeed!

To understand this guy’s thought process, we’d need our IQ to be in the single digits.

This has definitely taught some people a lesson on consent.

What are your thoughts on this whole ‘hugging’ fiasco? What would you do in this situation? Would you ignore it or report it? Comment down below and let us know.

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