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Woman Sneaked Photos Of A Model And "ANTM" Winner Nyle DiMarco On The Subway And His Response Was Hilarious

Woman Sneaked Photos Of A Model And “ANTM” Winner Nyle DiMarco On The Subway And His Response Was Hilarious

We’ve all come across a very attractive stranger on the subway at least once in our lives.

It makes us sad that we’d never be able to see them again. So what do some people do? They capture pictures to appreciate the beauty of the individual later on!

And that is exactly what Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainer and NYC resident Loiba did. A week ago, Loiba was on her way to Manhattan when she came across a very good looking stranger. She described him as “unbelievably gorgeous” to Buzzfeed News. 

Loiba / BuzzFeed News

She confessed that she stared and admired him the entire time he sat there. Not only because he was handsome, but also because she thought she had seen him somewhere before.

“Rarely do you see a supermodel ride the subway train,” she said. “I can tell he’s a fashion model because of what he was wearing.”

“I was trying to figure out who he was,” Loiba said.

So she took a few photos of him, thinking he wouldn’t notice.

She shared an entire camera roll of his pictures.

Later on, she finally discovered that he was the Cycle 22 winner of America’s Next Top Model and Deaf activist Nyle DiMarco. Isn’t he a treat?

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Happy Friday! 📸: @taylormillerphoto

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So to confirm if it was really him, Loiba sent him his pictures on his Facebook page.

“If this is you, you are very handsome in person!” she wrote.

And guess what? He took photos of her too!

“I wasn’t aware he took pics of me as well,” Loiba said.

The model shared this on his Twitter, and people were in hysterics!

Look at her face!

And a lot of people could relate to Loiba

Nyle knows what’s up.

He shared with Buzzfeed that he has “deaf eyes” so “they’re very alert and I immediate spotted her camera towards me.” He also shared that he wanted to take a picture with Loiba!


“I thought of Cole Sprouse always doing the same to people not discreetly taking pictures so I decided to pull a Cole Sprouse move,” he said.

“I love this story so much and wish we had the chance to take a selfie!”

What would you do if you spotted a cute stranger on the train? Would you take pictures of them or talk to them? Or would you just ignore them and move on with your life?

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