Woman Slid Into Michael Jordan’s DMs And She Got An Experience She Will Never Forget

“Getting a picture with a favorite is now known as pulling a Sylvia!”

Those are the words of one impressed Twitter user. Who is Sylvia, you ask? Well, Sylvia is a gorgeous college student who is a big fan of Michael Jordan. So when she learned that he was going to visit her college for a shoot…

She was incredibly excited. However, she knew that she would probably not be able to meet him. Not wanting to miss a huge chance, she confidently slid into his DM’s. Now that sounds all well and good.

But the biggest surprise was when he actually responded!

Following is how their conversation went.

And he actually followed the request through and got some pictures with her which is pretty nice of him.

However, when you actually see what she looks like, you will understand.


And these are the photos she took with him.


He was so sweet and nice. He was more than happy to take pictures with me and my friends that came with me!


And people were quite surprised and thrilled with the whole exchange.


Beware though, as this strategy might not always work for everyone.

You might want to try at least. Because you never know, right?

Try try again? Unless that makes you look like a stalker.

Does this mean, I have some kind of chance of my favorite celebrity to message me back?


And wishing for something always makes it happen right?

Are you going to slide into your favorite celebrity’s DMs now or have you already done that but got no response? Comment on below and let us know.

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