Woman Slams Restaurant For Charging $3.30 For Seven Chips But They Were Having None Of It

One’s mind is hardly drawn to expense when they think about chips.

In fact, they’re so affordable that David Dickinson was able to build a brand around their cheapness. As your nan watches at the comfort of her armchair, he bleats “cheap as chips”.

However, turns out, chips aren’t always that cheap.

Sometimes, they’re a rip off. Leanne William wrote in a scathing online review. She became victim of the bonafide rip off at a public house in Merseyside, The Clock Face Pub And Restaurant.

Credit: Mercury Press

She was made to pay $3.30 for a portion of just seven chips.

She later received a reply from, Jamie Fildes, the restaurant’s boss, thanking her sarcastically for the glowing review.

“I count eight chips, I think someone’s had a sneaky one too, that makes nine,” he said.

But, Leanne had to hit back after he said, ‘ surprised she had room’ for the chips after having steak and roast potatoes and ale pie.

The remarks were infuriating and so was her response!

“It was like something out of Fawlty Towers, I couldn’t believe it.

“We’d gone out for a nice family meal to celebrate my girlfriend’s grandma’s birthday. We pre-booked and my partner’s aunt had ordered the burger and chips.

“The meal was served on a small side plate with seven or eight chips on it – it looked like a doll-sized portion of food.

“It was £5.50 ($7.25) for the burger and £2.50 for seven chips, I couldn’t believe it.”

“When I saw the reply I just thought , ‘what a cheek’. I was a bit shocked by it and I thought it was disgusting.”

However, the manager wasn’t having any of it either!

Jamie claimed that the portion was the size that it was because the party had pre-ordered a kid’s meal of burger and chips.

Opting for the ‘Richard Key Defense’ he claimed the Facebook comments were just ‘banter’.

“It was a daft, flippant comment which was satirical and meant to be banter and wasn’t meant to cause any offence,” said the restaurant boss.

He further added, “I hold my hands up, I should have been a bit more clued-up, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson.”


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