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Woman Shares The Eye-opening Harsh Reality Of Why Poorer Families Buy Junk Food

Woman Shares The Eye-opening Harsh Reality Of Why Poorer Families Buy Junk Food

Jamie Oliver has been around the political spectrum these days.

He’s a popular chef who is known for making dishes that are easy to make and relatively healthy. With the rise of obesity in children getting at an all time high, he’s proposed a solution involving a “sugar tax”. The tax would make junk food that’s making people obese more expensive, and force people to opt for healthier choices. His reasoning is that the sugar tax will save the country from the healthcare costs of taking care of obese kids, so it’ll have a lot more money overall.

However, a lot of people don’t think the same way.

One of his dessert dishes is “Cookies and Cream” which is a drink served in a chocolate cup, which contains 46 spoons of sugar, a whopping six times the daily recommended amount. With the sheer amount of dishes he has, it’s unsurprising that he has sugary desserts.

A lot of people simply viewed his stance as an attack on poor people, because those are the ones who’ll really be affected.

Ketty Hopkins came forward and told her story of how things were like for her.

It’s a glimpse into the life why the poor are poor.

She grew up in a terrible home.

Parents buy junk because it’s easy and they’re too tired.

She also suggested ways to fix things.

Another person also came forward with her story.

There’s a general hatred towards these things.

These stories, while eye-opening, would be more effective if they were the kind of people Oliver was targetting. Neither of these people had bad health, so they’re not who Oliver was saying he was targetting. What do you think?

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