Woman Shares Shocking Response Of Her Nephew On What To Do When A Girl Turn Him Down

Expect to be rejected sometimes.

Rejection is all a part of life’s roller coaster. Therefore, you need to be strong enough to be able not to make sweeping generalizations when you’re rejected. Moreover, rejection doesn’t always have to be about the big stuff, or not getting into the college of your dreams. It can be something as small as being turned down by a girl.

So, recently ten people were killed in a high school shooting in Texas, on Friday. Among the two teachers and eight students that were killed was a girl names Shana Fisher. Allegedly, the shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis had been harassing Shana for months, as stated in an interview by Shana’s mom. Dimitrios was very persistent in asking her daughter. And did so several times in spite of her daughter’s rejection.

According to her mother, Fisher “embarrassed” him in front of the entire class a few days before the shooting incident. He intended on doing much more than that and brought explosives that malfunctioned on the site. Domitrious is currently under police custody.

Gun control and school safety have been an ongoing debate since the several shooting incidences. The state general, instead of making guns less accessible suggested that there should be lesser doors in schools to keep the kids safe.


Perhaps, it was time we instead taught our boys that girls don’t owe them anything. They owe them zilch. You can’t force yourself to like someone; therefore, if you’re rejected, there’s no need to make a big deal out of it. It’s always wise to just move the hell on! Twitter user @adigoesswimming has definitely had enough of women being torn down. Quoting Fisher’s mother, she started a thread on what she said to her nephew after he got rejected by a girl.

Apparently, no one ever told her nephew that if a girl is not interested, you don’t keep pestering her life until she concedes. To be honest, if it’s not meant to be, it can never be.

Dealing with rejection is a part of growing up. In her opinion, a lot of kids aren’t learning this. There is a huge connection between domestic violence and mass shooting which is often ignored by the authorities.

Some people think that this is because of the picture perfect relationships and romance that is shown in movies.

And that kids should be able to figure this out on their own.


Romeo and Juliet may have set the bar very high. But, no means no, and that’s something we need to teach the younger generations. Let us know what you think of this particular approach in the comments below.

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