Woman Savagely Shuts Down A Scammer And The Conversation is too hilarious

Tired of scammers flooding your inbox?

Well, so was this woman. Learn how to get rid of scammers the right way from her!

A scammer by the name of Stephen Masumbo recently chatted up a woman who was absolutely done with his crap. She scammed the scammer in the most savage way possible; You need to see the conversation. It’ll leave you with your sides hurting!


The scammer started off by flirting with the woman.


You can almost hear the sarcasm in her sentences.

Then he confesses his love to her, just like that.


Then they went through the cute nickname relationship phase.


Then he tells her he wants to live with her.


And finally, he asks for money.


The rules are clear.

I think he just sold his dignity.

Now, back to the money.


Here is the best part:


Judging from the last message, I don’t think he got the hint…

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