Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown – A Woman In Paris Pulled Out 14 Parasitic Worms From Her Eyes

You must’ve heard of parasites in the stomach. But, have you ever heard of parasites in the eyes? Abby Beckley thought she had an eyelash stuck in her eye. Little did she know that it wasn’t an eyelash and she would end up pulling out 14 worms from her eyes.

Abby was on an Alaskan fishing boat about two months ago. She told Buzzfeed in an interview that she felt as though something was pricking her eye like a pesky eyelash. However, when she decided to pull it out of her eye, she ended up pulling out worms. And over the course of a few weeks, she pulled out 14 worms. Props to her for not passing out each time!

Center For Disease Control

“I was living with these things, and I’d just keep pulling them out when I’d feel them,” she said.

The worms are a parasite called Thelazia Gulosa. The parasite is often found in cows. Parasitologist, Richard Bradbury, from the Center for Disease Control, said that she is the first human to get the parasite.

“It’s never been found in humans before.”

The parasite typically lives in face flies, which hang around livestock. Nevertheless, the fly most likely landed on her face when she was visiting her family in Oregon. The larvae of the parasite are stored in tears, and they reproduce on the cow’s eyes.

“They’ll find each other, and you know … it’s very romantic,” Bradbury said.

Center For Disease Control

How creepy is this?

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