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Woman Moves NASA-Themed Shirts To The Girls' Section To Make A Point About Gender Norms

Woman Moves NASA-Themed Shirts To The Girls’ Section To Make A Point About Gender Norms

This is Dr. Katie Hinde

Katie Hinde

She is a scientist and a PhD in Human Evolutionary Biology. She also works as an assistant Professor at Harvard University. One day, while she was shopping in Target, she came across a rack of boys’ tank tops. There were some NASA one as well, and because of her impulsive nature, she picked them up and put them in the girls section instead.

She believed that this was an enforced gender norm, and required to be broken.

She even posted about it on her Twitter

Twitter || Katie Hinde

The assistant professor stated:

“The merchandise that surrounds us, shapes our gender stereotypes, and this starts very early in life. Boys and girls look at what’s in ‘their’ section, but they also look at the other section and that can shape not only their own preferences, but their expectations of the interests, skills, and activities of others.”

And it set the Twitter world alight, with many people coming to support her

Some space-obsessed girls were over the moon

But there were also some that thought it was meaningless

Those that worked in retail pointed out that this did more damage than good

However, as it stands, it’s a non-issue. Because Target DOES sell female NASA clothes

In fact, they have a very versatile selection

While her intentions were noble, there really was no need

What do you think? Was she justified in moving it, or was it unnecessary and meaningless?

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