Comedian Makes This Woman Regret Her Decision Of Letting Her Dog Shit On Airport Floor

Some people don’t deserve pets.

If you see an animal doing something it isn’t supposed to do, please do not consider the animal a nuisance. Blame its owner who did not teach it better or train it. Just like you wouldn’t blame a baby for pooping in its diaper, you can’t blame a dog either. It has probably not been potty trained by its owner and doesn’t have a lot of self-control.

However, what infuriates me is when people make a mistake and they don’t even admit to it. They become rude or stubborn when you confront them about it. A comedian met someone like that on his way to Tokyo. The lady was letting her dog poop on the airport floor, and she refused to clean it up as well. Everyone else let go of the matter, but the guy decided to get his ultimate revenge on her. Read the Reddit story down below:

So the story starts with the guy walking to his gate and witnessing a dog pooping on the floor.

A gentleman tried to tell her about her dog, but she brushed him off and called him rude.

She refused to clean the dog faeces and walked away.

After a while, he found out that the woman was going to Tokyo as well. They had the same flight.

She was just a terrible person in general. She hadn’t trained her dog how to act in public one bit.

She was now listening to songs on her phone without headphones. There is a special place in Hell for people like that.

So he came up with the ultimate revenge plot. He told the woman that she was at the wrong gate.

Without even confirming this, she ran out of the gate!

The gate 53C didn’t even exist, so he had no idea where she went.

She probably missed the flight, and there were no other planes flying to Tokyo that day.

He even provided proof for those who didn’t believe him.


Sometimes revenge may go a little too far, but it was definitely worth it. The lady probably didn’t deserve missing the whole flight but that’s what you get for being an a**hole to people. This will probably teach her a lesson to be nicer to those around her because they can bite back.

This is what people had to say about the whole story:

People really don’t like this lady.

This guy is a comedian, we can see that.

I feel sorry for every person that crosses her path.

I thought the same. Shitting on her pants would’ve been funnier.

What did you think about this story? Do you think the woman deserved it? Or was the man too hard on her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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